In Pursuit of Hope, Magic, and Better Days

Ever wake up and immediately feel unsure you have what it takes to get through the day ahead of you? Yesterday was one of those days. I will admit, there were a few minutes of debate, during which I almost let myself off the hook. Had it been a “normal” day, I’d likely have canceled whatever plan I thought I had, medicated up, and let the flair have me. But yesterday was not one of those days. I knew I had to rally, no matter what my body was asking for. I had important things to do. So rally I did. And I am so glad that I pushed through.

Yesterday turned into one of those rare days when the flare calms down. Starting the day barely able to breath due to inflammation surrounding my lungs (isn’t RA grand?), by 11 that several day long irritation had finally come to an end. Just in time for me to take a deep breath and prepare for an appointment with the Best Ortho In the Land. Yesterday, the amazing magician who installed my new hip looked at my creaky, battered knees. The verdict was somewhat expected, they are junk, left more-so than right. As the lady walking around with these knees, I was not at all surprised by this news.

The surprise came from the treatment options, there are some. If you’ve faced deteriorating and destroyed joints, you probably know this is often not the case. My hip? Shots didn’t touch it, only other option was replacement. Not so with these crabby knees. Though they are both well on their way to needing a swap out, there are things that can be done. There are options to increase my mobility and get back my active life. That statement is precisely why he is The Best Ortho In the Land. Mobility is the focus, living life is the focus.

So we started with shots and have begun the process to get a lube job approved. Yep, that’s right, just like that lovable tin man, my knees need a little oil, and then we just might be able to make it a few years before we need to see the wizard about a heart, er, I mean knees.

Leaving the office with a plan for hope, and already slightly less mad knees, I turned to the rest of my day, not realizing my magic for the day was not done. After a pit stop to fuel up, my driver, our homeschoolers, and I decided to give a bog walk a try. We headed out with the promise to use my cranky body as a gauge and turn around when I felt I needed to. I didn’t need to turn around! We wandered and explored for about a mile all told, the longest trek yet, for me and my amazing new hip.

Orono Bog Walk

Through woods, across streams, out through the most beautiful bog, and back again. Sharing my love of nature with my son and niece, watching the magic of their curiosity and wonder at the amazing species living there, it was worth every step. I was in nature, I was teaching, that my friends, is an exceptionally happy place for this girl.

I may be battered, I may have limits, but they are not going to stop me from living a life filled with magic.

The hope that I’ve clung so desperately to, the hope for the mobility that will allow me to share the hidden, natural, magical world with my youngest son, the hope for strolls in the woods and walks on the beach, this little light that I’ve clung to so desperately when my world got so very small, now gets bigger and brighter everyday. I may be battered, I may have limits, but they are not going to stop me from living a life filled with magic. I’m much too tenacious for that.

What dreams are you reaching for in spite of limitations and struggles?

2 Comments on “In Pursuit of Hope, Magic, and Better Days

  1. “I may be battered, I may have limits, but they are not going to stop me from living a life filled with magic.” What a beautiful thought. I hope you continue feeling that way, that will greatly help to heal your body. You are a strong and kind person. Beautiful post.


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