Do you bite off more than you can chew? 5 Signs you might be tenacious too.

1. You hate asking for help. When you are truly tenacious, asking for help feels like failing. There is a part of you that expects you to be able to do it all. It is disappointed when you cannot.

2. Offers of help piss you off. It doesn’t seem to matter if you really need the help or not, offers of help tend to trigger irritation. After all, you think you can do it (see #1), what makes them think you need help?

3. The words “you can’t do that” sound like a challenge. When you are tenacious, someone telling you what you cannot do sounds more like a dare than an honest statement. You can do anything, who are they to doubt?

3. You lug all of the things at once. Tenacious people are famous for overloading things; their schedule, their to-do list, their arms when they fetch the groceries. Being tenacious means you are quite sure you can handle it all.

4. DIY doesn’t intimidate you. If you look at something and think, I could create that, you might be tenacious. A willingness to try anything once and a belief that you can do anything you try hard enough to do mean you often think to yourself, I could do that.

5. You’ve injured yourself doing something beyond your capabilities. Tenacious means limits don’t apply, until they do. These lessons are generally painful, as the truly tenacious will try until they prove they can’t. This kind of limit pushing often ends in injury.

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