Daring to Dream

Do you ever get the impression people don’t believe in your dreams? 

Seems no matter what it is a person dreams, there will always be plenty of people standing by ready to burst the bubble with their reality.  Notice I said THEIR reality, because, no matter how sensible their objections to the dream might be, they are based on their own perceived limitations. 

So, what do you do when you have a dream the majority doesn’t believe in? 

You could choose to spend your time and energy trying to convince others your dream can be reality, but, spoiler alert, that probably won’t work, and it will certainly suck up energy you could be using for better things, things that will help the dream become the reality. 

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

Dreams can come true. 

Rarely does this just happen, magically, without a great deal of work. 

Dreams come true because we give them life. 

We give them our focus, our energy, our hope, truth, and faith that it will be so. 

We give them shelter, when we ignore the reasons they can’t come true and focus on the ways that they can. 

When we do these things, dreams truly can become reality.

What are you dreaming into reality in 2020? What big dreams have you already made real? Share your story in the comments.

Photo by Redefining Images

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