Infection Frustration

Well, here I am again, putting off infusion because I’ve got an infection.  If not for the fact that I just did that two weeks ago for a different infection, I might not be feeling so frustrated.  But, here we are, frustration station once again.  In the middle of February…while mother nature flings endless mixed-up weather our way.  The past few weeks have had me wishing I was a migratory bird, or at least one of the critters who is smart enough to sleep through this mess.  Unfortunately, my bank account won’t support my nomadic lifestyle dreams and I can hardly sleep through the night, let alone an entire season, so suffer through it is. 

A common issue for folks with rheumatoid arthritis, especially those whose immune system has been turned down by biologics/DMARDS, infections are part of managing life with ra.  Knowing it comes with the territory, of course does little to make one feel better about the situation, but it does help to be aware that they are indeed more likely to occur in patients like us.  The sooner we notice an infection, the faster we can get medical intervention to get it under control.  In a body that is preoccupied with attacking itself, with an immune system that is also suppressed, early intervention can mean the difference between clearing the infection quickly at home and a long stay in the hospital.  As someone who loves her own space and hates hospital stays, I try to pay attention to my body and identify infection symptoms early. 

Several years in on this treatment regimen and I have gotten used to the way my body reacts, including the types of infections it happens to be prone to.  For me those are UTI’s, vaginal infections and sinus infections, and often, as now, one follows treatment of the other.  Likely a cascade effect as the first antibiotic treatment knocks down beneficial bacteria, leaving the door open for the next nasty bunch to come along.  Had I been a bit more vigilant about replacing the good bacteria, I might not be in this situation.  Then again, as out of balance as my body has been the past few months, there may have also been no stopping this train.  Some things are inevitable with any chronic illness.  Going off meds because you have an infection, happens to be one of those things for many rheumatoid patients. 

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With a bit of luck and a boatload of antibiotics, this will hopefully clear up quickly so I can get back on track and calm my rheumatoid symptoms.  Until then, I’ll be praying for mild weather and upping the self-care game to keep my body as happy as possible.  Thankfully, my ra toolbox is packed with remedies and relief, some of which you can find in 10 Tried and True Natural Pain Remedies.

Do you struggle with frequent infections?  What are your tips and tricks for getting over them fast?  What do you turn to for relief when your normal routine is off the table?  Please share in the comments, we can learn so much from each other!

(Before I finished editing this post, I caught yet another cold!! Please, send me all the good juju that I kick it quickly with no infections to follow!)

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