We Made It! (a holiday recovery plan)

Is it just me or was the holiday season we just slid through a bit on the challenging side this time around? Everyone I talk to seems to say the same, chaos and confusion were the theme of the season. The theme of my entire December, if I’m honest. The result of all the extra challenges? Stress, pain, and exhaustion. I don’t know about all of you, but I feel like I need a vacation to recover from the entire fiasco. One without any chance of travel delays, breakdowns or problems to solve. Someplace warm and weather free. Since that is clearly a fantasy, I’ll have to settle for recovering at home, problems and all.

Starting with, getting some rest. Having done everything I planned and a load of stuff that had to be done, I am beat! Completely and thoroughly physically exhausted. Bone deep tired. Naps and early bedtimes will definitely be a theme for me this week. As will asking for help with the things that have to happen and letting go of the things that don’t. Anyone bothered by our half decorated disaster is welcome to tidy it up, this maid is taking a break.

Using some of the time and energy saved not folding laundry, I can focus on managing the stress of being in my life. Taking some time to sink into a good book, binge a great show, listen to some tunes and create something just for fun are all definitely on my to do list this week. Adding in some more intentional stress management like breathing exercises and journaling should get me back to a normal, able to cope level of stress.

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The rest and stress management will both help calm my immune system down and with it, the pain. Meanwhile, my heating pad and I will be spending alot of quality time together, right after I dip my entire body in cannabis salve. Rounding out my pain management plan with cannabis flower should keep my pain quiet enough for resting (and help with the creating of fun art!)

Taking a few days to focus on those three things will have me feeling better, faster than pushing through and ignoring it ever did. What helps you get back on track when life as run you over?

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