Unleash Your Secret Super Power

I have a secret. I’ve suspected for a long while now, but until recently, still had some doubts. Having worked through those, I am now sure. Want to know my secret? You are more powerful than you believe you are. Yes, YOU! I know, I know, I don’t even know you, right? That’s OK, I don’t have to. I know two things about you that make it so, you are human and you are alive. All the proof of your amazing potential I could ever need.

No, I’m not another overly-positive person looking to sell you the secret to making your dreams come true. I’ve got no big, crazy, fool-proof scheme and cannot even guarantee what I’m sharing with you will result in cash money. I believe it can, if that’s what you want, but there are no guarantees. This is your life to live and how it turns out depends more on you than you probably believe.

We tend to go through life focusing a lot of energy on what is expected of us by the outside world, pouring endless time and energy into meeting the goals society has set for us. For some, pouring themselves into that mold fits like a glove and life feels well lived. For many of us “what we should be” just doesn’t seem to fit, leading to feelings of failure and inserting some crazy belief that we could in some way be inadequate to live our own life. That somehow, we arrived here, in this skin, without the tools to be us. Ludicrous I say. Not possible.

I believe the point of this entire crazy experience we call life is to be who we are. That’s it, just be you. No big philosophically poignant, overarching meaning of life. Just be here, be you, be alive in the ways you were designed to and all will be as it should in time. I know that seems a little over-simple perhaps, I mean, how can we not have a bigger purpose, right? But then I’d argue, what is a bigger purpose than living an authentic life? And, by being your most authentic self, might you inevitably find yourself working for your highest purpose?

Consider the things that spark you, the things that bring you joy. It is no accident that each human you meet has a different answer to that question. We are, by design, individuals. This is no ant colony full of clones. We are humans, each with unique gifts and talents. Your unique talents and gifts are what grant you power. Your ability to learn from mishaps and change your approach, is a gift. Your unique perspective, is a gift. The way your brain works, is a gift. The incredible, adaptable nature we each possess, is a gift. So, get out there and focus on using the power you’ve been given. Nurture your gifts, embrace your individual super powers, be unapologetically, authentically you! The world is waiting for You.

4 Comments on “Unleash Your Secret Super Power

  1. “The incredible, adaptable nature we each possess, is a gift. So, get out there and focus on using the power you’ve been given.” 100% Agree


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