The light at the end of the tunnel. 
The lifeboat that carries us to safe harbor.
The answer to a prayer long whispered. 
Hope is what allows us to trudge on through the darkness. 
It is the very knowing that whatever is happening now is not going to last forever that makes life bearable in the hardest times. 
That hope. 
It is essential to being human.
Hope carries us through the truly dark and miserable times.
Through challenges that look too big to conquer. 
Through losses that tear us in two.
There with all the fear, anger, sorrow, resentment, 
Always there is hope. 
Sometimes the hope is so small we don’t speak of it,
for fear our words will cause it to become airborne 
and float away on the breeze. 
Other times it is as big and bright as a neon sign 
and we find ourselves pointing it out to others, 
Can’t you see that Hope? 
It is breathtakingly real.  
Hope is the reason the caged bird sings.
Hope is the force that gives dreams wings.
Hope asks us to take a chance. 
It assures us it will all work out if we just hold on tight. 
It keeps us together when things fall apart. 
When lost in the dark, hope provides the spark. 

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