Drinks with Friends (and other things masochists might do)

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Life is beautiful and living is pain.

-Hunter S. Thompson

You know those mornings when the alarm goes off and you find yourself suddenly extremely aware of the poor choices that have lead to the hollowed out barely human feeling you have? I’ve had my share of those. They used to follow a night of too much alcohol paired with too little sleep.

Thanks to R.A., they now come anytime I overdo it, at all. Now they come with all over body aches and stiff, tender joints.

Just like the hungover me from younger years I always swear that I will never do that to myself again. Then, life happens, events align. I am faced with the option of enjoying the events laid before me and paying later, or abstaining and missing out on some of the good times.

Those who know me well already know what my choice will be 9 out of 10 times, play now, pay later.

That’s not to say there are not things I say no to. There are things I just can’t do right now. There are foods that are just not worth the pain. There are places I can’t realistically go, even if I really, really want to. But mostly, if I think I can, I will. Even if it hurts.

Because life is pain surrounded by beauty. It is the times spent with good family/friends, good food and good fun that make my life beautiful.

So I will say yes to long nights with good friends, time at camp, days and nights spent beneath the sky, road trips, barbecues, and drinks with friends. Because living life is totally worth the recovery time.

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