The Problem With One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

If you have ever needed to lose a few pounds, get in better shape, or solve a health related issue, chances are you have met them. The one size fits all solution givers. You’ll recognize them by their claims that their system/product solves the problem in question for everyone. The fact that that is a biological impossibility will do nothing to derail their belief that it is true, this is the answer, they know exactly what you need to fix your life. Honestly, it is hard to blame them. The information they are seeing supports the idea they have been sold on. A combination of their own positive experience, literature about the magic solution in question, including the compelling science behind it, makes it seem legit enough. There is just one little critical detail that the science may have skipped over, something the one size fits all solution holder has missed. You are not them.

Humans are not all the same. All it takes is a quick look around at the humans you are sharing space with to know that is true. Our obvious physical, genetic differences are too plentiful to count. Add in the differences in our behaviors, backgrounds, experiences and exposures, and even within a single family unit we see that we are similar but certainly not the same people.

Thanks to a little thing called biological diversity, humans are not all the same. A term usually heard in wildlife management circles, biological diversity refers to the variety of life in an area or population. In this case, we are looking at population level biological diversity, in other words the genetic differences that can be seen among humans.

All those differences? They add up, creating your personal biological system, your body. (magical, isn’t it?) Because each of us is a unique biological system, with unique chemical and biological needs and responses, each body reacts differently to whatever we decide to do to it. The spicy tomato based sauce that has you up all night with heartburn, may not bother your spouse at all. The exercise routine that melts the pounds off your friend might be nothing but pain and misery for you. The point is, our bodies, and the way they respond to the things we expose them to are all different. This means the solutions to the things we wish to correct will undoubtedly look different as well.

Unfortunately this means that few and far between are the answers that work for everyone. Whether or not a product, diet,or workout works for you will depend entirely on your individual needs. The bad news, finding what works for you is going to be a process of trial and error. The good news? You don’t have to jump on that trendy band wagon just because everyone claims it is the answer, instead you can find the solutions that work for you.

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