You Are What You Eat

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“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” –Mark Twain

You are what you eat. I’m sorry, it’s true. I agree, I want to just eat all of the yummy things we humans have developed over the centuries, with no consequences! There is so much delightful and delicious food in this world! Why would I limit myself to the “healthy stuff” when there are so many other options?

In a word life. As in, you only get the one. As in quality of life. I want some, don’t you? So, as much as I’d love to eat anything I want all of the time, I’ve come to understand that I just can’t do that. Not if I want a long and active life, a healthy life. And boy oh boy, do I ever want that.

So, here I go, giving up some stuff I love for the love of my health. I’ve done it before, various elimination diets, designed to help identify foods that add to inflammation and disease activity. Sometimes badly, other times a little better. I’ve even applied some of the lessons learned, a little, here and there.

This time, something is different. I feel differently about the process. It doesn’t feel limiting and restrictive. It is nourishing and I am loving every single bite I put in my body. For the most part, I am not missing the foods I pretty much lived on before. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I want a cookie, a piece of cheese, and a nice square of delicious chocolate, but not as much as I want to feel better. Not as much as I want to heal.

I’ve had a wonderful mind shift. A willpower upgrade. I can, and I will and it feels fabulous! I feel fabulous! Broken, dinged up, in need of a few new parts, but compared to how I have been? Better by miles. My inflammation is lower than it has been in years. Visibly lower. My hands are adorned with skinny (slightly misshapen) fingers instead of fat little sausages. My mind is clearer, even on the foggier days. My energy is up and with it my motivation. All because I’ve changed my diet for a couple of weeks.

That’s all it has taken, two weeks. Two weeks avoiding grains, dairy, sugar, legumes, and nightshades. My take on the Whole30, because, if you know me you already know, I don’t do anything by the book! So I added nightshades to my elimination list, knowing they are frequently a problem for autoimmune sufferers, as are the rest. Mostly because the easiest time for me to give up tomato sauce is when I can’t eat pasta anyway!

So, two more weeks, then it will be time to find out which of the eliminated foods were causing a ruckus. I have a few suspects. Dairy has been obviously troublesome to me for years. I have limited dairy for a long while now. Sugar is inflammatory, there really isn’t any way around that fact (sorry). I know I shouldn’t eat sugary things. Sometimes I even eat like I know that! As for the rest, only time and reintroduction will tell.

Soon the study will be over and the results will be in. What will I do with that information? I really can’t say until I know what I’m facing. I’d love to say I could walk away from any and all of them for life and never look back. That would be the healthiest choice, but forever is a very long time to say no to cookies and cheese.

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